Strategic advice

Our partners and consultants at Europtimum have worked in and with EU institutions on numerous issues and occasions. We have acquired “inside knowledge” of the way these institutions work and set their objectives. We also understand the political dynamics behind their policy and regulation proposals, which allows us to assess where compromises can be made or where deadlocks will come up among the 3 main EU institutions.

Our network in Brussels, and in most Member States, helps us building strong analyses of the balance of power and reliable case scenarios on general policies, as well as on very specific points of interest. It is thanks to this daily and consistent work, combined with our expertise and institutional knowledge, that we can provide our clients with strategic advice, fit for their purpose.

Risk and Issue management

Our risk and issue management advice supports our clients’ decision-making through sound understanding of policy and regulatory issues and their likely impact. Our team works in synergy with our clients to understand, explain, anticipate and answer to policy and regulatory changes and challenges.

We place our clients’ legitimacy and reputation at the core of our preparation work, helping them to be ahead of policy or regulatory change and fully compliant with any legislative development.

Engagement strategies

We advise our clients on the best strategy for their case, with solutions tailor-made to fit their resources and means. In particular, we advise on using the best suited tools to reach the desired objectives. We regularly measure and evaluate the results of our engagement strategies and, together with our clients, adapt them to the new parameters.

At Europtimum, you work with the partners and experienced consultants, ensuring high quality and avoiding using standardised automated processes.