Eu Funding

The European budget provides valuable sources of funding for businesses, researchers, regional authorities, associations and NGOs. With a new Multiannual Financial Framework going from 2020 to 2027, the future is now, and you can start preparing the funding for your next project.

Identify EU funding opportunities

Most EU funds are granted through calls for proposals and projects, with as many opportunities as EU programmes and policies. This can give project managers and proposal leaders a large choice of options, sometimes to the point of becoming confusing when it comes to understanding if the proposal/project meets all the criteria of the call.

Each call is unique and identifying the most relevant is an initial, substantial hurdle. Europtimum can provide support even in the initial phase of identifying possible sources of funding, checking with the European Commission or any other responsible institutions which call fits which proposal/project, providing clear recommendations on where and how to start EU funding application.

Write EU funding applications

While scientific excellence and breakthrough innovation are key to succeed in obtaining most EU funds, there are other aspects which have to be taken on board to draft a successful EU funding application. While you can have the best innovative project or the most relevant research idea, if the proposal and the application are unclear or too difficult to read, most chances are that your application will fail. Bad writing and poorly structured presentations are as fatal as bad projects and poor research. It may sound unfair but with hundreds of files that need to be read and understood, you must place yourself in the shoes of an evaluator when drafting your application.

This is the service provided by Europtimum, which can draft your application, based on your science and technology, in words and chapters that are understandable to evaluators. Truth be told – if I understand it, it is most likely the evaluator will as well! We will probably not improve your research, but we will definitely improve your application so that it moves from good to excellent, and from excellent to successful.