Representation Of Interests And Lobbying

When it develops policy and legislation, the European Commission regularly seeks the views of citizens and stakeholders. Through its consultation website (, stakeholders can express their views on the scope, priorities and added value of EU action for new initiatives or evaluations of existing policies and laws.

Other EU institutions have also developed consultation tools, in particular in the European Parliament where public hearings, parliamentary intergroups, stakeholders’ conferences and events provide numerous opportunities to express positions, share views and recommendations.

Europtimum has strong experience in stakeholder engagement and management: we make sure our clients communicate the right message to the right people, have simple and understandable messages, are consulted early and regularly, follow accurate roadmaps, deliver on time, accept compromise when necessary and identify success when it happens.

Representation of interests

In this consultative context, it is important for stakeholders to develop a constructive approach, based not only on short-term needs but on a mid to long-term vision. We support our clients in developing their advocacy strategy, developing clear action plans, with milestones and related KPIs.


When it comes to more vital and specific issues, advocacy must to be taken to another level.

Whatever the reasons and the issue, we work with our clients on finding the best answers and developing step-by-step action plans leading to concrete solutions. From urgent cases and crisis management to planning of long-term situations, we provide our clients with all the tools, advice and services to support their goals, in line with codes of conduct and transparency rules enforced at EU and/or Member State levels.

As a partner of our clients, we do not lobby for them but always work with them so that they lobby accurately and efficiently, with trust and confidence in EU decision-making.