Monitoring And Intelligence Gathering

Albert Einstein had a great saying: “Information is not knowledge”.

While we are not Einstein, we are filling the gap between information and knowledge, so that our clients are not only informed, as most of them are, but also understand the value of the information for their activity and know what to do with it. Our policy and issue monitoring are accompanied by in-depth analyses and recommendation for action.

However, in an interconnected world, where the speed and amount of information often leads to endless turmoil, and where fake news challenge knowledge and reputation, Europtimum ensures reliable information and separates what is reliable from what is inaccurate or needs of further scrutiny.

Intelligence gathering

Europtimum Conseil offers intelligence gathering on the ‘why, ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ underlying any decision. We make all the necessary investigation to ensure the information we share is verified. This means our clients have access to insightful analyses of information available, based on which they can establish their strategy for action in public affairs and public relations.

Tailor-made reporting

For action to be effective, it must be empowered by strategic monitoring: we inform our clients of any issues and priorities impacting their interests through dedicated monitoring reports, tailored to their needs. Alerts or bulletins, daily, weekly, monthly, our clients choose what they need, and we deliver what they want. It is as simple as that and maybe that is why it works!