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Europtimum Conseil is a public affairs consultancy founded in 2009. We specialise in European Affairs and working with the EU Institutions and main stakeholders. We offer advice and guidance, with clear KPIs and steps, for your European stakes and projects to progress and achieve the expected results.

We provide our clients with unrivalled expertise and tailor-made services to support their interests at European level, through appropriate engagement and digital communication plans. We work hard to make sometimes specific interests match broader strategies, to achieve satisfying results for our clients, while fully respecting EU Institutions and principles.

Our in-depth knowledge of the European Institutions, combined with experience with big international companies, help us make our clients’ messages heard at the right level and time, and with the highest impact possible, online and offline. With our own unique tools, we offer strong digital skills to help our clients make the best use of social networks.

Our domains of expertise range from digital, telecommunications, intellectual property, international trade and the Single Market to agriculture, energy, climate change, defence, security, transport, circular economy and regional policies. We offer solid knowledge of EU policies in these fields, which we continue to deepen thanks to our clients’ trust.

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