We provide our clients with the best tailor-made solutions. We understand their problems and needs, and we always keep an eye on what can be improved. We also work with our clients on unpacking the rationale behind new EU policies or regulations proposals.

Europtimum bridges interests and facilitates the creation of a political and regulatory path that resonates both with our clients and the EU Institutions. Where there is a problem, there is a solution and we always find it together with our clients. Our work focuses equally on the political dimension, as on the legal certainty, in order to guarantee safe but impactful strategies.

We transform risks into opportunities, overcoming deadlocks and positioning our clients as reliable and trustworthy stakeholders, able to provide responses, common sense and solutions.


Most members of our team having worked in the EU Institutions, we fully respect them and appreciate the limits of lobbying, while valueing information and true expertise. We believe EU decision-making is better when made after consulting all relevant stakeholders. We welcome all efforts done by the EU institutions to open their doors to civil society and industry: corridor politics also has it limits and transparency is a two-way street!

When we created Europtimum, we knew transparency was not just a trend but a core necessity for EU decision-making. Thus, Europtimum does not represent interests but advises its clients on how to be heard in Brussels. We empower our clients and provide them with the necessary tools to act by themselves. We organise their digital communication and engagement plans, in order to ensure timely interaction, based on well-grounded proposals, with the decision-makers in the institutions. We make sure our clients’ expertise is heard and understood because we believe it can always improve EU policies and regulations.


Yes, we have worked in the EU institutions and our team has a strong network in Brussels and beyond, which we regularly cooperate with. Why does that work? Because we know how decisions are taken and what is required for a position to make it through the EU decision-making process.

Whether it is a coordinators’ or a group’s meeting, a trialogue discussion, a Council working group meeting or a public hearing, we know how it works and what to do, so that our clients can drive their priorities to the next step. Better regulation is what we want for our clients and for the EU!


Transparency is a core value of Europtimum Conseil. In this respect, since it was created, our company has been listed in the register of interest representatives under reference number 21958075995-59.

The European institutions are working to increase transparency in lobbying practices: we strongly support this initiative, which will contribute to greater professionalism in our line of business. We are proud of our work, which has helped improve EU decision-making on numerous topics, all important to us.