EP Buzz Search Engine

With Twitter being increasingly used for public affairs and policy, it is necessary to focus on those users that actually have an impact on legislative outcomes: MEPs. Europtimum’s EP Buzz Search Engine is a unique tool which provides access to a database dedicated exclusively to tweets and retweets by Members of the European Parliament.

The EP Buzz search Engine blocks out all the noise created by other users on Twitter and its search criteria makes it easier to decode European Parliament Twitter activity by allowing users to filter tweets by committee, country, MEP, national party, political group and keyword within a selected time period.

Rather than ordering tweets chronologically, the EP Buzz Search Engine automatically ranks them by number of retweets, allowing users to see which MEPs are the most influential. Retweeters are then listed by number of followers, to provide a better understanding of the ecosystem surrounding a tweet.

What you can do with the EP Buzz Search Engine:

  • Identify key MEPs on a specific issue of interest
  • Understand on which topics a certain MEP is active
  • Understand MEPs’ positions and their evolution in time
  • Observe, at a glance, the balance of power between MEPs, political groups, committees, etc.
  • Identify the most influential stakeholders who retweet MEPs’ tweets

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